Saturday, August 29, 2009

Planets that Take Over the Chart

Astrologers sometimes find a planet with so much influence that it literally takes over the chart. This planet becomes the star of the show. There are 3 or 4 reasons for this.
A planet that has no aspect with any other is called wild and it expresses itself in a unique way.
If a planet is conjunct a star it can have great power, Regulus is the most powerful star in the sky. Some stars are so fortunate they are called protective stars 'cause they literally protect and help you. Spica at 22 degrees Libra is one. A planet all by itself on one side of the chart is greatly emphasized, just like Uranus in the chart of ballet dancer Isadora Duncan. (Isadora was always shocking people flying into the face of convention) Another way a planet takes over is when it is the only planet you have in one of the 4 elements, air, earth, water and fire. They call planets like this Singletons. Astrologers say these planets "suck up" all the energy in your chart. In my case it is a beautiful thing.
A planet at the exact middle between the Sun and the Moon will take over a chart. Eleanor Roosevelt has Venus here, and she was loved by everyone. Boxer Muhommed Ali has Pluto here. Mother Teresa has Neptune at Sun/Moon. This one planet characterized these people very well. For other people who we are is not so obvious, as in the case of Marilyn Monroe. She was all air, she was not a sex goddess at all. She was a Gemini. (A sex Goddess would have to be earth and water).
Yods are when 2 planets sextile one another and both are 150 degrees (give or take 5 degrees) from a 3rd planet. This 3rd planet, it is said sucks up the energy from the other 2. I heard of one person with a horrible childhood who used their 3rd planet to overcome it. This planet was Jupiter, the planet of abundance and all good things. This Yod saved his life you could say. Yods are not well understood, they are mysterious. I know that they can take over a chart.
I have Jupiter as a Singleton, it is my only planet in an air sign. Libra is an artistic sign. It is also the sign of partnerships, marriage as well as business, as well as friendships. All my energy goes into artistic pursuits, either enjoying it or doing creative projects. I always want someone to enjoy these things with me, Libra again!
Here I am reading and writing or talking all the time and living life on a mental plane. I live my life like an air sign. Jupiter in Libra is who I am, Jupiter has taken over my chart.
Every sign and every planet is in our charts, there is always a way to understand one another. If we want to. There is always an "out" from terrible experiences. There is always a door to open. You can fly above things that try to crash and burn you, like James Taylor sings in his song, "All My Golden Moments"
And all I really needed was the proper point of view.

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