Monday, February 23, 2009

Chiron the comet that thinks it is a planet

It seems to be a general agreement that Chiron acts like a planet.
Chiron represents our own wounds and also how we can help others with thier wounds.
The house that Chiron falls in tells you in what area of your life you have been wounded. Mine is in the third house which rules (Among other things) your early education. Higher education is ruled by the ninth house. I was "wounded" during my early schooling. Since Chiron is in a fixed sign, the wound is supposed to be around a long time. The third house also rules communications and people with Chiron in the third house often say that people did not listen to them when they were young. I can certainly attest to the fact I had a lot of trouble getting people to talk to me or listen to me. Chiron has added another planet to our knowledge, even though this planet is a comet.

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