Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girls Like Western Wear

This is my daughter Amy. She grabbed this old hat and she wanted pictures made. I was watching "City Slickers" and was amazed at how much better the actors looked when they donned their cowboys clothes and hats. There is something you gotta love about cowboys and there is nothing better for a man to wear than western clothes. Come on guys, grab yer spurs and chaps and dusters and ten gallon hats and dress up for us females! I would love it if when I went to town every male young or old was dressed this way! I drooool over custom cowgirl boots.
At one time the publishing industry thought that the western book was gone forever. I am happy to say that westerns are back big and that is how it should be. The great thing about loving this period in history is that you share it with men-they love the Old West. I love to have a passion I can share with my husband. I also happen to love hats and hope they come back. Remember Lucy and how she was always buying a new hat! The I Love Lucy show was actually what I thought marriage was like when I was young. She was a cowboy in one show and she took on the mannerisms of a man so perfectly it still makes me laugh! Cowboys are so much a part of America and what we believe America is and about standing up for what is right and good. Louis Lamour wrote a great book about writing and his advice was the best advice of all I think. He said each must find his own way, his own method of writing. It is not in the nature of writing that you can do exactly what some successful writer does and be successful. You have to be you and no one else, express your individuality. It is only in being yourself that you find success is the advice I hear most often. Cowboys believe in freedom and individuality and it is also needed for successful writing.

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  1. she's so pretty and the cowboy hat looks good on her..btw, many western shirts come in styles that are made to last through years and many celebrities are wearing a western clothing.