Friday, February 27, 2009


I really hate those commercials depicting depressed people who sit around and do nothing looking sad. Depression can also express itself in being easily irritated while working hard, and I don't see anyone depicting that! Many of have to keep working because we have to and some of us keep busy to distract ourselves from these low moods. Depression is also widely varied and it is said that each depression is as different as the people who are having it. It seems to me that people may easily get the wrong idea, depression on television looks just like someone with a bad case of the flu! Depression has been experienced by many famous people who gave something to society, and they didn't do it moping around the house in thier pajamas! They say electrical activity goes on in our brain, synapses firing and making connections and that sometimes chemical imbalances happen. It is said that depressed people do not have enough serotonin in thier brains. I am not an expert on depression I just blog my own opinions as you must know, here I am on blogspot. It is true that depression can manifest itself in the way shown on television but somehow I feel people will get an impression that is not true. There are a lot of theories, but one is that depression may be nature's way of telling us to slow down. Of course, nature didn't mean the deep depressions that people experience, they are just exploring that path to see where it leads. Our minds and bodies that we use every day are more complicated that anyone can understand, least of all me.

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