Friday, February 20, 2009


Writers write and what I have been writing all my life are confessions. The written word is a place where you can confess to anything. Fiction is the most truthful of all things I think, even though it all supposed to be made up. It is very revealing to write and what you choose to write about. Through all this writing I have made the monumental step of articulating myself. You have to think about it to write it and discover you have opinions that you'd never realized, judgements you had made, belief systems you haven't really thought about but they are there.
And aren't writers a great sort of people the way they always want to help other new and struggling writers such as myself instead of staying high up on their mountains garnering praise and royalties in their ivory towers.
Books saved my life.
No, I am not joking.
I liked it when Asmiov was asked that hadn't he wasted so much of his life reading and writing?
He replied that it was the best way to live a life.
I agree.

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