Saturday, February 28, 2009

Counting Crows

The Counting Crows first burst on the scene in 1993 and have been making great music ever since. They remind me of myself, a collection of different kinds of music from all different kinds

of artists is in my house, and this band will remind you of many different types of music. The songs although they say are written by the entire band, seem to be mostly from Adam Duritz. He seems to be suffering from pain says my husband and he does when he sings. He does have a great voice that seems to draw you in, he seems to be singing directly to you. For those of us suffering from depression it is easy to see what some of these songs are about. Depressed people often feel better when it rains, like the outside then reflects the inside. In one song he sings, "when kindness falls like rain". While they experiment with different sounds it seems like the topic remains the same, the eternal search for an identity when that identity keeps changing on you, the fear that you might disappear, and a wish for a love to come back that was lost in the past. It is obvious the hard work that has gone into each of these songs, the perfect guitar solos and the great vocals by Duritz. The new CD to me anyway is as great as what they have done before and I was sure to be at the record store on the release date. Nowadays there is so much music out there but you could do much worse than picking up a Counting Crows CD. When you see Adam Duritz on television you will see someone who looks at the camera differently from other folks, I can't explain it exactly. When you see Adam talk on television it is easy to see this kind of charisma that draws you in and this strong personality.

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