Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The moon shows our emotions. It could be said that emotions come and go quickly just as the moon waxes and wanes. If the moon is in a money house it means that your income has ups and downs, and just as the moon is always changing so does those things in the house that your moon is in at birth.
My husband has Sun in Taurus and Moon in Aquarius which is quite different.
Taurus is so conservative and Aquarius is so not. He handles this by compartmentilizing, which us humans do very well. In his relationships with people he is as detached and far out as the Aquarian moon he is, but in business he is all Taurus and sticks to conventional rules.
We are all a bundle of contradictions and it is so easy to see that with astrological symbols.
I think that many people do not think much on thier own about who they are, rather they see themselves in the reflection of how others react to them. There is nothing wrong with that and it is valid. The moon is a clue to what is underneath all of our outside life to what is inside. The moon is feminine and can represent our mother or females in general. My husband was quite insulted when I told him Taurus was a feminine sign, which only means he relies on inner resources and thinking before jumping into things. I won this argument! The astrological tome I was reading said that Taureans like blues and mauves.
Guess what colors he painted the rooms in our house!

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