Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Everyone in my family loves House. I think it is the best thing on television. My daughter complains that they are ruining the show for her with all that"medical stuff."
"What do you mean, it is a medical show." I said.
"Well just when you start getting really into it they show an operation with blood and everything or they are sticking a needle in someone's eye or something else yucky." she said.
I should have known what she meant, for it is not for the patients and thier medical problems that you watch House to see; it is House himself. He seems to a puzzle that you must figure out, one minute he seems so cruel and the next so kind. I must admit when I first saw him I thought him a funny looking fellow, why he looked like he had slept in his clothes and he was not a bit handsome at all. Now when he walks into the room in a scene I watch more closely, not wanting to miss something because he talks rapid fire and you'd better be listening or you'll miss it.
His sarcasm makes my daughter laugh with delight, it is like the funniest thing to see someone say exactly what they think and never mind the consequences. Even more he shows us the heavy responsibilities that doctors take on thier shoulders every day. And you got to wonder just what is going on with him and Cutty? There is some sexual tension there. She can give back to him just as good as he gives to her, this is one strong woman. I think the writers are very good at tantalizing us with clues as to House's true nature, and it is a fascinating puzzle. I find myself wondering what would make House happy and feeling for him just as though I knew him, I forget that I am watching a mere television show.

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