Friday, February 20, 2009


It has been said that modern life has made wimps out of us all.
They say that humans have evolved into a species that cannot bear the extremes of hot or cold or hunger and thirst and that if we didn't have heat and air conditioning and pizza delivery we would all die because we can no longer survive a harsh environment.
Obviously, the writers of this article forgot one thing.
They are the toughest people you will ever meet.
I was listening to grey haired grey bearded fellow at work who was explaining the gourmet deliciousness of turtle and how it has eight different flavors depending on exactly which part of the turtle you are eating. Also he makes his own jerky the way the Indians did, by building a campfire and drying it over any handy old stick. Contrary to popular belief and the Beverly Hillbillies, hillbillies do not eat possum. Possum is disgusting. Squirrel is delicious and easy with ownership of a treeing dog. Raccoon is eaten and was raised by some like you raise pigs.
Besides being able to get their own food they are miraculously resistant.
There were two brothers and one shot the other in the abdomen. A week later he finally sought medical help because as he put it, "It just worn't getting no better."
Hillbillies are also famous for working awhile and then becoming disgusted with the constant daily work, work, work they wander off and hunt deer or whatever season it currently is. Sometimes they seek the wilderness and 'cause there was just too much "talkin'"

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