Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tori Amos

Tori Amos blew me away with her songs and her piano playing, and like most people I want to tell everybody, "you should listen to this!" I was watching television when I first heard the melodious sounds of "Another Fairytale With You" and I knew I had to hear more. This singer is a girl, a fairy and a goddess and if you listen you will know what I mean. She hails from North Carolina, where another songwriter close to my heart is from, James Taylor. I've never heard her on the radio, but there are a lot of Tori Amos fans. I have to wonder, what else am I missing that this wonderful artist has been here for so long and I was unaware of her existance?
When I was a child I was often alone. I used to sing to myself because all music was forbidden in my household and I loved music so much. That is what Tori's songs remind me of, those songs that I used to sing for myself. One song is about a woman trapped in a painting hanging on the wall. "I will be safe in my frame" she sings and it makes me shiver with an otherworldly feeling. What a great songwriter! Her voice is pure crystal tones and she leads you down a mystical pathway. Tori Amos has stated "Something happens to me when I sing." and it is true she does not sing like other singers.
When Madonna sings she does so in a self-conscious way, and many others. When Tori Amos sings it is like you have wandered far away from where you were, you open a door and find yourself in a room in a castle with tapestries on the wall and in the corner is a red-headed girl singing for the pure singular joy of singing, singing for herself, singing for the pure joy of music, singing with the knowledge that musical notes are magic spells.


  1. Tori Amos is someone I haven't heard/thought about in quite some time. But your description of her music and how it makes you feel are very close to how I remember her sounding.

  2. I forget that I sometimes get into Blogger accounts with my old Google ID.