Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Eats

I am in love with Alton Brown. He is doing exactly what I would be doing if I had a Food Network television show. I love historical trivia, exact and to the point instructions and his zany sense of humour. I love watching people who have confidence, maybe because I don't have any. I like his funny hair and how it sticks straight up. I like how the lawyers attack him with pieces of paper when he goes with stuff that might not be too safe, like the time he started showing people how to make bagels with lye. (Do they make bagels with a burning and dangerous acid like lye?) I liked it when he set finsh on fire and they burned like candles. And yes, these little fish were once used as candles he says. I even watched him cook squid, and I know after seeing that I would never eat it. Unless Alton asked me to that is, I would do anything he asked me to because I am in love with him. This show has been on five years and I have not known about it. I'm not worrked, because I can order it on DVD.

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