Monday, March 2, 2009


When the doctor first told me I had fibromyalgia he had to write it on a piece of paper because I could not get my mouth to say the strange word. The day before I had laid down in the bed and felt all of the joints in my body throbbing with an achy pain and said to myself, this is not normal and I've got to do something about this. The doctor said there was nothing to do. All I had was a piece of paper with a word on it.
Now there is a medicine for fibromyalgia that helps, but it does not work if you overdo and get too much exercise. It is a kind of annoying fingernails on chalkboard sort of pain. I feel that been run over by a truck feeling. I can't seem to feel pretty anymore. There are limits that I have to pay attention to or pay the price. I used to exercise to feel the "high" that people who do it feel, now exercise is to handle the aches. It has changed everything. There is good news however. Although it feels like terrible things are happening to your body, nothing is happening to your body at all. This syndrome or whatever has none of the destruction of joints that real arthritis has. There are rumours flying my way that diet may be the key to overcoming the whole thing.
Diet is a difficult thing for anybody to do. I am going to try it. If nothing else I will get healthier. For all of you who have this my heart goes out to you and my prayers. There are good days for those who have this so it isn't all bad!

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