Saturday, March 14, 2009


My idea of magical is probably just like yours, something great and unexplainable. We must have a great need for magic, there is so much of it in movies. In one of Roger Zelaney's books about the magical beings in our world from Amber, a guy throws a bible at an Amberite.
"Just what were you expecting to happen?" Corwin asks.
"I thought you would go up in a puff of smoke I guess." he answers.
They have a chuckle about that. Then he says, "It is sad that there is no magic in the world, and that there never will be."
Our magical hero sadly agrees.
I have felt a little bit of magic listening to music, the things it makes me think of are pretty amazing. I have had golden moods in which I felt everything was alright. These philosophies that if you give out goodness and good deeds that these good deeds will come back to you seem to me to miss the mark. Perhaps it will be in heaven when I get rewarded and not here and now. Maybe I have my reward in my mind, for I have a mind that loves itself, I love to think and ponder stuff so much. Maybe the reward and the magic is in those things we take for granted, our children and the wind in our hair and the graceful shape of trees against the March sky. I have felt love so much, where does it come from? I run from too much closeness with others, I want to drift like driftwood in dreams. Is that so wrong? Is it nature's magic that I find things inside my mind to entertain me?
I know the premise behind scary movies, we want to be scared of zombies and werewolves and then laugh at ourselves for these things will never be and never existed. I don't know what is behind all this wishing for magic in our lives. Maybe we all real the Narnia books as children, and watched too many Disney movies.

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