Sunday, March 1, 2009


These are the blooms from my okra patch last summer. I told my friends it looks like we are
growing flowers instead of vegetables. To my amazement the okra we planted blooms with these pale yellow flowers with purple centers that are quite beautiful. It is said that okra seeds came from Africa with slaves who planted them here in the south. I have always eaten okra fried after being coated with cornmeal, that is the way my mother cooked it. The scorching hot summers here wilts a lot of plants but okra likes the heat and a lot of sun. I wanted to plant things after reading "The Secret Garden" which made growing things seem magical and mystical and healing. I am so proud of things that I have planted and grown myself, although we have been planting and a lot of things do not grow. It must be our soil is just right for peppers, squash, tomatoes and okra and not much else. Comment please if you know a great gardening site on the internet! Wishing everyone who visits my blog my good vibrations...from Arkansas

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