Sunday, March 22, 2009

Casey looked up at this strange guy who seemed to be laughing at her.
"Well what's wrong with it?" she asked
"Lady, do I look like a mechanic? It's midnight, if you don't want me to call 911 then there is nothing I can do for you." he said.
He was walking off, leaving her she realised with disbelief. Men didn't do that to her. They wanted to fix things for her and do things for her and they always had ever since she was a little girl. He couldn't leave her at this time of night on this back road, it might be noon tomorrow before someone came by and her cell phone wasn't with her.
"Wait!" she called and opened the door and of course immediately fell down. He couldn't do this! No one could be so cruel. To her amazement she began to cry. She was down in the same cow patty she was in before. Three times she had fallen down and her head hurt horribly and she smelled like an old cow. Then, as she was crying in earnest she felt herself being lifted up and she was in the strange man's arms. He carried her as if she weighed no more than a few pounds, she settled her throbbing head into his shoulder, she felt the bristle of his whiskers on her forehead and realised he hadn't shaved. She felt perfectly safe, though she shouldn't have, knew that she shouldn't have. She couldn't think, but she knew she wouldn't go to the hospital or any hospital for that matter. This man would have to see her home and then everything would be fine. He set her in the front seat of his pick-up by the road, and Casey managed a little smile at him.
"I'll get your things and be right back." he said.
Casey was glad he was taking charge of the situation finally, like he was supposed to.
Once she was home she could call on her family to help her.
He got back in and started the engine and started to drive.
"Aren't you going to ask where I live?" she asked, "Because you're going the wrong way."
"I'm taking you to see a doctor." he said and her heart fell.

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