Sunday, March 8, 2009


I call to you across mountains and deserts and windy canyons
I have at times been able to talk
Can you hear me?
I walk around another shadow and I can feel sounds reverberating down the inside of me,
and I am
looking for someone like me, aching like mad
Can you feel me?
I am restless looking for only another alleyway and peeking into windows as I pass without destination,
seeing things that look like they might be alive
Can you see me?
And there must be someone somewhere like me
and we can have endless conversations, sane and mad
we could drink rum & coke and eat toast and jam
and I could taste once more of wonder
Is it enough to only imagine?
At the bottom of the ocean I feel swayed by currents
I feel rising waters and enormous pressures
Can you save me?

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