Sunday, March 8, 2009


Astrology sometimes picks one planet and places it by aspect or by placement as the planet in your chart. For me, it is the Moon.
My Moon is in Hayz. It is a nocturnal, (night), planet in a nocturnal sign in a nocturnal house in the nocturnal hemisphere of the chart. The Moon rules my chart.
Now this cannot be good, as the Moon rules emotions and it should make me an emotional person. Astrology tells us what we don't know and don't want to know, whether we want to know it or not. Like it or not I am not ruled by reason or logic but by emotions and I always have been. I find reasons for my emotional reactions but I am not reasonable. This is interesting for it has been found that people compensate for what they do not have. I am Dr. Spock when I speak, logic rules. Interesting that writers often are people who lack air in their chart, they write a lot to compensate for their lack of mental abilities. Interesting that people have friends that supply that missing element, whether it is air, earth, fire, or water. Here I am with a husband who has planets in signs that I have no planets in, interesting that he is a Taurus when I have only one planet in earth and interesting that my path of fortune lies in Taurus itself, telling me that the Taurean qualities of persistance and determination are just what I need. My hubby is a double Taurus as I am a triple Sagittarius and that I wandered like a lunatic until I found him and he brought me down to earth. As I believe in things that cannot be seen he believes only in those things that he can see. I was validated as a writer only when I got paid for my writing for him. Money talks he says but what is money? It is a means of exchange. Someone found value in my writing and paid me for it. I hope that one day money will be properly applied to taking care of the people that are in the world, whether they be the dreamers or the builders.

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