Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Solar Return Chart

Solar Returns are easy. Even I can do them
Now when I say they are easy I am reminded how people wanted to borrow my astrology book, "The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need". They wanted to borrow it, but none of them ever drew up their own chart or even figured out where their Ascendant was. I found this strange. Maybe it is the way life is now, we are used to passive entertainment like television. Astrology I guess was just too much work when they were only seeking to be mildy amused. I've got a passion for it. I remember when I first saw my natal chart, Whee- this is me! I was excited by the rune like symbols. A solar return is when the sun returns to the place it was when you were born. It is supposed to be a prediction for one year. The excitement of astrology is that it tells you what nobody else will, who you really are for one thing, and what your purpose might be. Still astrology had come down to us piecemeal and with missing parts. We can only guess at some things, but what we do have is pretty amazing. Astrodienst will do your solar return chart automatically, a great place on the internet.
For me and my solar return chart here is how I read it.
My ascendant is in Libra, a time for making peace with others and having harmony in relationships. Libra rules my tenth house in my natal chart, so the emphasis will be on career. Where the moon is indicates your emotions or where your heart is. My Moon is in Capricorn in the third house. Capricorn is a cardinal sign that is emotionally reserved. I will be emotionally reserved in the coming year, I won't change my basic personality, I will just be a little more Capricornish, if you will.
It is interesting that where Aries is is where you start things. Aries represent Spring and new beginnings. Mine is ruled by the 5th house, the place for creative endeavors. The fifth also represents our children, games and having fun.
Interesting also is that where Jupiter is is where you want to be. Mine is in the fourth house of Home. Now I want to be home anyway with my Moon in Cancer, for the coming year I will enjoy home even more.
Astrology really does not predict things as the planets have so many different sides to them and the houses rule so many things. Mars for instance can mean accidents, energy, or even a man in your life. That could mean a great deal of different things. Astrology may be no more than grabbing at clouds, but haven't you always wanted to know what a cloud feels like?

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