Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This pix is of my daughter Amy, who likes her image to be on my blog and is also much better to look at than myself. Plus she is always taking pictures of herself. I've been thinking how a blog can be anything. Some use a blog just like a diary, listing their activities and I think this is interesting according to how much you are an interesting person. Some of them are so perky and gossipy that I have this negative image of cheerleaders and their strict exclusion of anyone not cool enough to be in their group, but that is just me and my weird hang-ups I guess. I don't think my personal life would be of interest to anyone, even those who know me personally are not jumping up & down with eagerness to know me better, must be all that natural charm I have. I do have some experience as a storyteller however and I think I will do one for this blog that maybe 3or 4 people are reading on a good day perhaps. I read about a writer who did a calendar story, with something happening on each of the 365 days in a year, ending of course on the 365th day. Now limitations are sometimes good for writers because all of a sudden we have a goal to reach for and we can stop messing around and actually do some real work. I wanted to buy this calendar but like most people I want a lot more than I can afford and decided food and electricity might be more important. The idea has stayed with me that I wanted to do something of this type of thing myself however. I have enjoyed writing for this blog and hope it to be entertaining so I thought I would do something of the thing I think I do best: tell a story. It will begin when I begin, when pesky things like working for a living do not interfere. Adios.

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