Monday, March 16, 2009


There has been a book translated of ancient astrological magic, called the Pickatrix. There is much in it about the making of talismans. Is there some Celtic or Druid blood in us that this makes us make a universe of strange dreams? Saturn they say now is more of air than of earth, that it ruled Aquarius once, the sign of the future. It may be the Age of Aquarius because no one really knows when that age starts. We know that Uranus rules Aquarius and also electricity, technology, and thinking about humanity and our collective needs. It is said that Uranus rules astrology itself.
This has given people hope for a brighter day.
Uranus in our chart tells us what genius we have, what our inner purpose must be. Mine is in the sign of Leo. Leo is the sign of show business and Leo has been known to like it on the stage. I have a bit of the dramatic in my writing, I am not a dramatic person in person so to speak. Still this Uranian energy about to be released on the world is enough drama for anyone, what can happen in a world with Uranus running the show? I see Uranus in the desire to feed the hungry that we have going on now, the desire to take care of the people wherever they may be. This is one great thing.
I also thought the purpose of government was to take care of it's people.

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