Friday, March 20, 2009


I wanted to say something about the 135 degree aspect that is the sesiquadrate. Some insights come our way sometimes that are a little weird. There is an astrologer on the internet named Kira that says the sesiquadrate has to do with subconcious longings to make life turn out pleasantly. It's really true. My Mercury sesiquadrates my Pluto. A Pluto in the 9th house person believes words to be very important, they have impact on the person and on others as well. I used to practically throw my poems at people like gifts, that they would understand me and life would be wonderful. Well nothing was further from what happened! Kira says the sesiaquadrate is always an uncomfortable aspect with sorrowful results. I knew that my writing was powerful, but it couldn't be used in that way I know now. People do not want that much intensity. This sort of awareness comes with age or with an astrologer who can advise you, or a really good friend who doesn't mind hurting your feelings. Some of us are intense people, we need to tone it down in society. Reading a book or a blog is one step away from the person, you are not knowing them personally. So it is that I think I can blog with some intensity. I'm still working on that story to come in future blogs!

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