Sunday, March 1, 2009


Jupiter is the planet of expansion just as Saturn is the planet of constriction. Where Jupiter is in your chart is where you have the most room to expand. It should come as no suprise to learn that Jupiter is in the second house, a money house, in the charts of Madonna and Bill Gates. Jupiter is more than that however and like all the planets can work in mysterious ways. Jupiter can also mean a "lot" of something, Jupiter is bountiful and expansive, but sometimes you get a lot of something that you don't really want. Jupiter is often described as luck, where your luck comes from and when you are lucky. It is not as simple as that for all of you that are thinking that you can learn astrology and become rich, astrology is a pattern; but it is a pattern that does not lend itself to easy answers. Even though cosmic patterns suggest that things come in cycles just as the planets orbit the sun it is a cycle that we change ourselves and I believe there is no stronger power than our determination to do something. As I write this I do not know what transits there are in the sky although there is a site that allows you to quickly see this. Astrology has lit a spark in my mind, but it is not a spark I blindly follow. I myself have Jupiter exactly at the midpoint of my Sun and Moon, an important location that must mean I will have outstanding success but alas, it is not so. I also have Jupiter in the tenth house of career which is supposed to be very lucky. Where my luck is I do not know, perhaps I sabotage my luck and think that I do not deserve success. It is not the stars leading us perhaps we are leading the stars. Einstein suggested that time itself does not travel in a straight line at all, that the past, present and future are all here at once. We think cause and then effect but maybe it could just as easily be effect before cause. As above, so it is below is the basis for astrology and palm reading. Jupiter may be no more than a clue to where in our life we can live more abundantly.

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