Sunday, March 1, 2009

Star Guidance

When you are being pulled in two different directions it is easy to see it with astrology. My Sun and my Moon are on opposite sides of my horoscope chart and I know this feeling of wanting to go in two directions at once. I was born at night, and some say it is the Moon that is most powerful in my chart and that certainly is true for me personally. My Sagittarius Sun wants to wander and my Cancer Moon wants to stay home. I solve this problem by taking short trips instead of long ones, and carrying with me things that are dear to me like pictures of my daughters and a notebook to write in. I am always being confronted with jealous females and I didn't know why. Why is my Venus squared Pluto which explains something I have never been able to understand. I am not beautiful and I try to avoid these situations that seem to find me anyhow. I had a friend who I was jealous of for her delicate blonde beauty and her feminine grace who always attracted the attention of men and she confided that she was jealous of me because I got to work in an office and she was only a waitress! A small promotion at my job that did not even pay me any more money than what everyone else made had all the females at my workplace hopping mad and subjecting me to sarcastic comments. I told my boss I did not want the position because it didn't matter to me that much, I missed my female friends! It is something so strange that this happened to me that the only way I can explain it is through astrology. Why do some people seem to always get by with the things that they do and some people do not? Why are some people popular and some not? Countries are also assigned astrological signs, the United States with a birthdate of July 4th is a Leo. A proud Leo is exactly what America is, isn't it? It fits. England is an Aries country and Spain is a Sagittarius. I am amazed with astrology and with astrologers, some of whom have lots of impressive degrees and a lot of college. One day I want my own astrological reading, until then I'll surf the net for all the free stuff that is out there to learn. If I'd had my chart done when I was young, I could have known then that I should try for a career in communications, see my Mercury trines the Midheaven. Mercury rules Gemini and writing and journalism and things related to communication. I don't know where this learning will take me, there are people who move to a different place because it is more astrologically alike to themselves! That is something to think about.

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