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Winter is Saturn. Saturn represents older people and the laws that govern us. Saturn is on the ascendant of someone famous, J.R.R. Tolkein, the writer of the Lord of the Rings. It doesn't stop us from being imaginative, it is just a reality check. Saturn also gives us what is due us for our hard work.
I was e-mailing a friend and when she didn't e-mail me back I grew impatient and finally e-mailed her. I told her, "It was your turn, wasn't it?" She replied,"You always did want things to be orderly."
Yes I do, or rather my Saturn does.
A strange thing about this planet for me is that it doesn't want complications in work, it wants a clear road ahead with work that is simple and orderly. That is the story of my working life, I do a job that is getting X amount of product out in X amount of hours, simple and organized. It is strange to read this about myself in some astrology book, I mean it is myself the me that I know and here it is in some book. I don't know sometimes that I am all that crazy about the fact that astrology works. Saturn wants to work hard but us Saturn people want a clear goal with clear visible achievement or we are just downright sulky. Saturn has a lot to do with work. Saturn also wants to delay success in our charts, no wonder people hate Saturn!
As a kid I was told I was a Sagittarian and I read my Sun-Sign with wonder. Didn't sound much like me, as much as I liked the description. Saturn is in my Sagittarius first house, and Saturn puts the brakes on any house that it is in. In the first house of self it is myself that is being cast in a Saturnine mold and I cannot change that. I am almost morbid at times, I feel walled in with things I ought to be doing and am not, I feel pressured to live up to some Saturnine ideal. My Saturn is conjunct the fixed star Antares, a star associated with military victories. While I haven't joined the Army yet I can see I view life as something of a military campaign. It's not bad to plan, one mindless weekend I overlooked buying bread and had a breadless week.
The fixed stars explain how a planet can become so powerful, more powerful than any other planet in your chart. My Saturn is way too powerful. The fixed stars erupt in your life in short vehement bursts so the ancients say. Oprah Winfrey is someone with a lot of fixed stars in her chart. That is an interesting chart to study for anyone interested. Not everyone with a good chart succeeds however, I think hard work has to go into the equation too.
Antares has a lot of bad stuff associated with it as do all the fixed stars. Maybe the ancients were looking for a way to explain the bad events only I don't know. It sometimes makes people daredevils who are careless in the face of danger. Now, if we had the chart of Evil Kenevil...
For all of that Antares is a royal star denoting success. My ascendant says I am gullible and easily cheated, the star right on the ascendant is important as well as those in the same place as your natal planets. I can tell you that is so, I believe people when they tell me things, don't you?
Saturn in my chart is troublesome even though it is one of a Grand Trine. A Grand Trine is very good, some say it means you have good karma from a past life. Ghandi had a grand trine in fire signs as do I. They say that fire burns. Ghandi changed India, but people were hurt in the process. Fire also inspires and warms us. Fire brings change.
A Grand Trine is said to be better for having Saturn in it, the idea being that life becomes too easy for us and we become lazy without Saturn. Quite a lot of criminals have a lot of trines in their charts, the idea is that they are too lazy to work so commit crimes. That and a lot of astrological research is going on, there is one on serial killers. Maybe we will learn something.
Saturn seems to make us aware of our obligations and makes us take our punishments. I have felt that so strongly. Yet my life is one of imagination when I am not at work, a life of books. But if you ask any author they will tell you writing is hard work, people who have not done it think it quite easy. This is the biggest illusion, it seems everyone wants to be a writer these days. They think they can write a book in a few days. Some books take years in which to write.
Saturn is in us and a part of us. Saturn is us doing the right thing. Even professional criminals have things that they will not do, Saturn works for all of us whether we learn his lessons or not.
It is said by astrologers that if we refuse to learn Saturn's lessons then the lesson will come again at us in a different form and we may not recognize the fact we are learning something yet again. Astrology tells us about ourselves and the inner conflicts that need to be resolved. Everyone has done something and wondered later why they did it. Here is one way to find out.

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