Sunday, March 1, 2009

Edgar Cayce

Some people might not have heard of Edgar Cayce, he was the man in the book "The Sleeping Prophet." by Jess Stearn. Cayce would lie down and while in a trance would be able to diagnose illness and tell people about their past lives. These are called "readings" and they have all been recorded and there is a site on the internet with a list of them. All of us are on a spiritual journey, whether we know it or not, and Cayce would be a place to start for those searching.
It seems to me that we were left here in the dark, that we must take things on faith, for that is what our maker must intend for us to do. It has occured to me more than once that these mysteries are special to each of us, that each of us has some piece of total knowledge that is unique to ourselves. I tend to think that it is this way on purpose, that such things will never be proved one way or the other, to be true or false. The spirtual will not submit to scientific inquiry it seems. When I bring up Cayce in a conversation then people will also bring up UFOs and swamp monsters and crazy stuff like that which shows me in what category people put Cayce in. Truly, reincarnation explains everything so perfectly that it does invite one to believe. Why do young children die before they have even lived, well reincarnation says that they will live again. According to Cayce, life is just school. You live different lives and learn your lessons and go up to higher levels of existance. What you do will come back to you again, you will reap what you sow. Jess Stearn came to believe in the things that he wrote about and he started as an objective reporter of events. It is said that we die and we forget that we have lived before, but personality remains the same. There was mention of Mark Twain having dreams about other lives with a women who was with him in different historical periods, I would like to learn more about that and where the authors got that information! We are supposed to have soul mates, our mates from one life to the next, and Twain was without his in this reincarnation. There have been people who remembered previous lives and the tales are compelling. Whatever waits for us beyond the light I believe we can only have faith and do our best and continue to ask questions.

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