Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mighty Regulus

What is the most powerful star above us?

The answer must be one of the Royal Stars of Persia, Regulus.
If this star at 28 degrees of Leo conjuncts a planet it means you run into famous and successful people, if you are not famous and successful yourself.
My reading suggests that Regulus should be used as a point in your chart like the Black Moon or the Vertex or the Nodes of the Moon.
Jupiter conjunct Regulus is supposed to be a guarantee of fame and Whoopi Goldberg has this star in her birth chart conjunct Jupiter and Pluto.
Regulus in the tenth house is supposed to make for a successful career.
My Regulus is in the ninth house of higher education and publishing. I've had some success in this area, not higher education no, but publishing.
Napoleon had his Sun conjunct Regulus at his midheaven, and he was a success for awhile anyway. This Sicilian who had no French blood is said to have seduced the French people with dreams of glory, and these dreams were false.
One of the strange things about the fixed stars is that the forecast, although promising great success, is that success will be taken away or that you will be disgraced somehow. It seems the more the star contributed the more is taken away, or the more dishonest the person. Whoopi Goldberg is in no danger of losing her success because her success was honestly made, by means of her real talent. It is like karma is promised in the stars, that if you do evil with success given to you evil can happen to you.
One of my stars rules the right eye, which has perfect vision, but I also have my Moon on a star cluster signifying blindness, and I am almost blind in my left eye. It makes me shiver a little, that these things could very well be the truth.
Regulus means "little king" in Latin. It is said to make those it influences noble, proud, and bigger than life. Amazing.

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