Sunday, March 8, 2009

Real Care Baby Program

My daughter has an interesting assignment this weekend. She is to take care of an electronic baby. She has a sensor on a bracelet she has to press to the baby's abdomen, so the baby knows it is "mommy" The baby wakes her up at night crying just like a real baby. The baby needs one of four things when it cries, it wants to be rocked, it wants it's diaper changed, it wants a bottle, or it wants to be burped. My daughter Amy has to do each thing until she finds the thing that makes the baby stop crying. She has been taking this baby everywhere, and people are funny the way they do a double take and then realize that the baby is not a "real" baby. The baby is rigged so that if you do not support the head, the baby dies and you get an F. This is supposed to help prevent teenage pregnancy. She has been sleep deprived this weekend but insists she has to be in school on Monday to turn the baby in. It is supposed to let teenagers know how much care a real baby will need, should they feel a desire to have one. I suppose teenagers feel the desire quite often, since teenagers are always having babies. There was one in our town who gave birth at the old age of thirteen, and I think her mom is taking care of it. I personally hold the unpopular opinion that teenage girls should be vaccinated against pregnancy like they are for the measles, now there is a shot you can get that lasts one year. Who knows, maybe these electronic babies will do just what they were designed to do, prevent teenage pregnancy.

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