Monday, March 9, 2009

Kurt Cobain

An interesting chart is that of Kurt Cobain. There are interpretations of this chart that you can find in the Web. He shot himself in April of 1994.
He is an example of a person with an emphasis on just one element and that element is Water.
He had some Fire in his chart, but it has been said that Fire only makes water even more waterlike, it makes emotional people even more emotional. I am astounded by the chart, and by anyone who could live with this sort of chart. He was a Pisces with a Moon in Cancer and a Rising Sun in Virgo. All the planets grouped on the right side of the chart indicate that partnerships and other people were very important to him. Uranus in the first house is always a sign of a person who is unusual. Pluto is silent in the twelth house. I am not an expert but I think this chart is quite an example. He was a person who felt things intensely and lived an intense emotional life. It is really quite easy to prove astrology I think. This chart reflects exactly who Kurt Cobain was.

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