Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Pluto is a tiny planet with a lot of punch. It's powerful dark energy is not easy to handle, and Pluto aspects can be very difficult. When Pluto is on the midheaven the profession of the person is supposed to have something to do with death, or with uncovering secrets. Agatha Christie has this in her birth chart, and she wrote about murder and the uncovering of who had done the crime. It has been discovered that the planet that is closet to the midheaven usually determines the profession, thousands of charts have been studied. Astrology is a science that is always growing and getting better. Where Pluto is in your chart is where your personal power is, for good or for bad according to how you use it. Pluto also rules nuclear energy, strangely enough. Pluto gives you power in the house where it is at birth, but it also gives some kind of problem with that power. Pluto's gifts come with a price. Pluto rules Scorpio, it makes drives intense, it makes ambition obsessive, it makes lovers jealous of one another, and it makes people want to dominate others. It is said that Pluto detroys so that life can regenerate, Scorpio also rules regeneration. Pluto is a negative energy but it is our choice how to use it. All of the planets have a good side and a bad side but Pluto may be a planet that is a little more bad. I believe that this energy has great power for good as Scorpio does, Scorpio is also represented by an eagle rather than a scorpion. Surgeons, doctors and healers all are ruled by the mysterious planet of Pluto. It may be that Pluto is a planet beyond our comprehension.

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