Monday, March 16, 2009

More on Books

I think that others have the same problem as I do. How to find a good book. It seems that is something predictable about every plot.
I wish to be suprised.
Stephen King has said that writing seemed to him as a kid to be an endless corridor of doors, full of endless possibilities. It seemed that way to me, once.
I find difficulty with old books, the language seems so heavy and convuluted. I think what we want is a new adventure, a new turn in the road, and there is no one like Vonnegut or Tolkein. There are people who have things to say I am sure, perhaps it is time someone allowed them to say it. Editors are eager for this and complain that all the stuff they get is just more of the same. I have discovered books covered with mold, I have read books used as doorstops, I have searched for treasure in every swap shop and every garage sale. I have wandered all over book stores searching. I search for inspiration and something uplifting. Perhaps other people search for something else. I want that crystal pure joy of language, that word used differently, that seagull soaring in the sky like Jonathan Livingston Seagull. We should follow our Muse wherever she should lead us, maybe fear holds us back. People say computers and television have killed books, I don't think so. Somewhere someone writes, because they want to, because words are very much doorways into someplace we have never been before.

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