Thursday, March 5, 2009


I recently posted that although my Jupiter was in the tenth house success had not come my way. Recently I have learned more stuff.
Mine is a night chart, and in a night chart according to some ancient sources Jupiter's power is not there and the benefits instead come from Venus. Jupiter is weak in a night chart! Astrology of sect is where the planets are and whether it is a day or night chart.
Planets below the horizon are more powerful and where Saturn is reflects where you see challenges coming from. My Saturn is below the horizon where my Sun is, therefore I see challenges as coming from myself. A person with Saturn on the other side of the horizon would tend to see challenges as coming from outside forces. That is exactly how I think, I think that when I fail it is completely my fault, no matter how many obstacles are in my way. I think I should have done better.
I've recently been thinking that the world is here for us instead of us being here for the world. My young daughter has her first job, and she is being taught by the older teachers how to do things. She is eager to learn and very young. I used to think that I should do things right at all times and so should she. Now I think I understand that this is the way things are and the way things should be. The older should be there to teach the up and coming and the world was made for us to get out there and learn and become. My Saturn has been too hard a taskmaster, confusing the world for me. Still I am who I am, and no amount of knowledge can change that. Sometimes knowing something doesn't change anything, and my world view isn't going to change radically at this late date. When the outside world became too harsh I fled inside, and there things can become muddled. Still I look at astrology and I am filled with wonder. There is a cosmic pattern there, and one can only wander on these pathways of wonder.

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