Monday, March 2, 2009

to blog or not to blog

Here in Arkansas it seems things are a little simpler. We are more concerned with what happens in the town we live in than with national news and for good reason I think. Here is where we are and where we have power to change things. You work and you want to start a family which causes more work of course and you hope. You hope that things will get better when you have a moment to think about things at all. I was reading all these blogs about politics and I have to wonder if public opinion can be a huge thing, or something so inconsequential that it doesn't matter if millions are thinking the same thing. It seems everyone is caught up in details and I am not getting the overall picture. Talk about being powerless, at my job I am. I work and there is a supervisor over me and a supervisor over her and a supervisor over her. My co-worker used to joke that we had too many chiefs and not enough Indians. I believe in Americans. Americans value fairness so much and believe in what we are supposed to be doing that I find it difficult to believe that the economy or anything else can "whop" us. I believe that when our backs are finally up against the wall that the old will be thrown out and something new will come in. President Bush said a strange thing, he said basically that the people in Iraq would come to like us. I thought that funny but quite American. It is American to think yourself so lovable. In any old country lane or back street anywhere, good people reside. We like ourselves quite a lot. Hey, what's wrong with that?

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