Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Five Pillars of Fate

A new book by Antoine Garth, and he is offering classes too. The pillars of fate are the Arabic lots of fortune, spirit, basis, exaltation, and the lot of Acquisition. The Lot of Fortune is calculated at astro.com, however I did my calculations of my Lot using the directions at Aquamoonlight. This site gave me Gemini as my Lot of Fortune and Gemini rules writing so no suprise there. Garth is researching 2nd century astrology and they used the lot of fortune as the Ascendant in a new chart. This gives a new horoscope. Your new 11th house is the Lot of Aquisition, which tells you how well and by what means you earn money. Jupiter in this house is very good, or Venus. Mercury is considered neutral. When they say planets such as Saturn and Mars are malefic or bad they are talking about the tendency of these planets to cause trouble. They may not cause you any trouble at all. My Lot of Acquisition is Aries and so is ruled by Mars. Mars it says means I will get money by sports or by robbery! This is when I guess it is good to know your fixed stars and how these stars are a permanent blend with your natal planet when they are in conjunction with them.
I believe the star Algenib in conjunction with my Mars has caused a tendency towards mental gymnastics rather than physical. A Mars in Aries such as I have is a placement of atheletes and people who are very active. I am mentally active rather than physically active. This is okay, this is the Mars drive expressed differently. I have a drive to learn things, to be constantly learning something new that I didn't know before. My Mars has been permanently changed and will forever have that Mercury or mental slant to it. Mercury rules the mind.
For the part of fortune is said to be an unseen force, the path you are forced to walk upon by fate. You didn't choose it, it chose you.
The part of Spirit is that which animates us, ourselves walking the path.
The lot of Basis is said to be the foundational motivation. Can you hold onto what you gain?
The lot of Exaltation I think is where we may be exalted, or raised to higher standing.
This new chart with the fortune as the first house will have a new 10th house. This tells you what social role your occupation serves. This is the job we are supposed to be doing, of course, not what we are doing for a living. Mine is in Pisces, the most sensitive and compassionate of signs, which I suppose means I am supposed to help those less fortunate than I.
These lots are said to tell the fate. There is some interesting videos on Youtube about this new book, not a lot of views though!
For Merury rules Gemini and so rules my part of fortune but my part of Spirit is ruled by Venus. That most important of houses, the 11th holds a Mercurian star. The 11th is said to be the most fortunate of all the houses, representing help from friends and what you gain and what money you make from your career. It is Dreams Coming True.
My husband's chart is dominated by 2 stars that represent him very well, Algol and Procyon. He has the most evil star in the heavens in his 1st house, representing the physical body. He has had a lot of accidents and has had one leg amputed after a car wreck. He prefers older people, he likes them very much. Almost all of his friends are older than him and they help him a lot. The star Procyon says "help from elderly friends" and no, I am not making this up. These stars say "quick to anger" and he is that way. When a young girl ran into him while talking on the cell phone he lectured her so thoroughly about her carelessness that she cried and was shaking. He said he did it for her own good. The poor girl probably turns her cell phone off now!
I am trying to make sense of my lots and this new chart. I think it is interesting stuff. My husband having the awfulest star conjunct his Sun has not ruined his life at all, it seems that even Algol is just a bit of bad luck run into along the way.
The star Procyon says, "help from elderly friends".

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