Friday, September 18, 2009

Virgo the Virgin

Virgo is Latin for virgin. There is a certain cleanliness of the mind when you consider a Virgo. My father was a Virgo, he never told a dirty joke, and never laughed at one either. He would smile and nod to be polite but I knew he was displeased inside. Virgo is an earth sign but it is a very mental and hard working sign. Virgos lack spontaneity and may be overly critical. My father was obsessed with details, things had to be just so. Virgos may make you feel inferior but inside they feel humble and want to help others. Unlike air signs Virgos have a great deal of common sense. There is a certain objective detachment to Virgos. My father was an engineer who built bridges, exacting mathematical work. It is work right up a Virgo's alley you could say.
Any planet in Virgo in a chart will act like it is oppressed. I find this strange but true. Perfection is not something that exists in the world and perfectionists are never completely happy. Restricted by the bonds of Virgo, Pluto will not be so powerful nor Jupiter so abundantly expansive. In emergencies Virgos can stay cool and calm and rational, and who doesn't need that, in an emergency anyway.
As a child I was often annoyed that I had to tie up the loaf of bread tightly and keep the water jug in the refrigerator completely full, but now I know that my father was a Virgo and could not help himself. Still whenever I needed help I knew who to call, and who would know exactly what to do and be completely calm even after I wrecked the family car. I love you Dad.

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