Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sadalsuud, Luckiest of the Lucky

What is the luckiest star in the sky? It may be Sadalsuud at 23 degrees of Aquarius. According to a fixed star book, this star culminates at 26 degrees Aquarius which is where my asteriod Pallas is and where my Arabic part of Luck is. Cooincidence? Ancient texts say that the part of fortune at 9 degrees of Gemini indicates loss and poverty so that is not so good for me, as that is where my fortune is in my chart. I have wondered if I would find poverty in my chart as it seems no matter what I do my financial state is a sorry one. I do seem to get by, just barely sometimes.
So why look at stars? The difficult mathematical formulas are beyond me, you must do longtitude and latitude and other things I do not know how to do. I don't know why I study stars, I need something to occupy myself I suppose. Regulus is a star close to the epileptic, whatever that means, so it is more certain it resides at 29 degrees of Leo and is a star of the 1st magnitude, very bright and powerful.
The star that is a Rock Star is Vega or Wega. It makes people it influences refined and inclined towards music and intellectual pleasures but also wantonness and shamefull indulgences. Doesn't that sound like a rock star? A star prominent in the chart of Shelley the poet, astrologers say this star shows up more in the charts of writers than any other occupation. In spite of the danger of gluttony Vega is called a fortunate star. It resides at 15 degrees Capricorn.
At my midheaven is Zosma which is unfortunate, sort of. It gives an alert mind but unhappiness and melancholy. The native receives benefits through disgrace. It is the star of victimization, one might be a victim oneself or do charity work with those who are victims. It gives sympathy for those that the establishment makes powerless. I do indeed have a great deal of sympathy for people in dire straits, but then I am often one of those people myself so can be of little help to them other than the sympathy I can offer. I understand how someone can be so confused and so hurt emotionally that they do foolish things, and how working a dead end job can take away one's self-respect. I don't understand how my own disgrace can benefit me, that is for sure. This star resides at 11 degrees of Virgo.
My lucky stars reside at my Mercury, Neptune and Venus, and those themes play out in my life for sure. A strong Mars makes me sometimes combative and want to argue and intolerably frustrated when I cannot get anything done. I feel like I could explode sometimes. A strong Mars is supposed to give one confidence, but the only surety I have is in my writing. I have a perhaps unreasonable belief that my writing is great. Someone can tell me it sucks (and they have) and it doesn't bother me one iota. I have a love of language that is pure music to my ears when I see it on the written page. I wrote a poem about this once called "A Good Ear" and it ends:
and moving fast like whirlpools in my mind
all because of a good ear,
and it may be all I ever need.

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