Monday, September 28, 2009

The Polarity of Pluto and What You Already Know

I was reading Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto and Your Karmic Mission by Deva Crystal Green, parts of this are online. What a great book this is! This is the sort of deeper astrological knowledge I long for. What interests me here (out of many interesting things) is the truth of how the South Node is what you already know. Since all I really know with confidence is myself, then it is myself that I look for. Okay, so I have South Node in Taurus in the 6th house. Here, the text says, the left brain is very developed. I understand a left brain ability is that of language. The book says "the ability to organize information in a linear manner." whatever that means.
If you have your birth chart done and you see the North Node but no South Node, the South Node is directly opposite the North in your chart. So with my North Node at 28 degrees Scorpio I know my South is at 28 degrees of Taurus.
The 6th is the house of servitude. There is a focus on self-improvement. I am that way! Here we learn humility, and I have had a double dose of humiliation in my life so I must have humility. Okay so we know where we have been and with the North Node, we know where we are going, or what we are growing towards I guess.
What we are growing towards is also Pluto's polarity point, or the point directly opposite Pluto.
My polarity point is Pisces and my North Node is in the 12th house, corresponding to Pisces and ruled by Neptune.
The North Node, and the planet ruling the North Node can transmute you to new levels of expression says this wonderful book.
We transmute when we travel from childhood to adulthood, we are ourselves but forever changed. I think that is what transmute means, (maybe).
I would guess, that since astrology is so much about balance, that I need more spirituality in my life and that is what I am supposed to be striving for.
Mercury is said to show in what area of life this striving takes place, so mine is in the 2nd house of what you hold dear, possessions and what you possess. Okay, I am going to take a wild guess here in regards to myself and what I think this means. I was not thought well of by others as a child, I was teased and mocked a lot. My self-esteem has taken a horrible beating in my life. I would guess my karma is getting some of this self-esteem back and thinking more of myself than I did before.
For in psychiatry, there are triggers for depression. These main triggers seem to be humiliation and loss. In the human mind, humiliation is as powerful as loss. We need to think well of ourselves it seems. When being humiliated is as soul destroying as losing a loved one, that makes it very bad. We need a certain amount of confidence to be able to do things, and if we cannot do anything then we are in a terrible condition. Part of the draw of astrology for me is to say Yea! I have talents just like anyone else and I am just like anyone else, strange as it sounds. I have been standing outside looking in, astrology tells me I belong inside with everyone else. I have been somewhat isolated, and though I enjoy being by myself a person still needs to be a part of things.
It is interesting that if Pluto squares the Nodes then we have skipped vital steps in our development. I have this aspect. Pluto rules transformation and the 8th house. We are running back and forth between the North Node and the South Node with Pluto squaring the nodal axis. Growth as children actually happens this way, with leaps forward and leaps backward so this seems rather a natural thing to me.
This is a great book and I have a deep desire to own it and have it on my bookshelf. It may be astrology can help us become better than we were before, with an understanding and who we are and what path we walk upon.

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