Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Creating A Crisis if You Don't Have One

What I have learned, I know this much is true.
The 8th house represent crisis, and with the Moon here it represents one crisis after another. You could say it is in your nature to live with crisis. You could say that it is your world and if you ain't got one, you go out and make one. Any planet in this Pluto ruled house is trying to transform I read. I get it. The Moon is emotional, so here is our emotional landscape and we are creating as well as being created. A Virgo midheaven strives to analyze and understand, and we think we are done once we understand something. Unfortunately, understanding does not necessarily solve problems, it just means you understand the problem that you have. This is, after all though, the basis for psychotherapy. You are supposed to holler Eureka! and everything fall into place! Oh, I felt guilty 'cause I wanted my dad for myself or some other foolish nonsense. (Or not so foolish, what do I know?)
A midheaven or the 10th house with Pluto sitting there in your chart means you want to transform your job and have the career that will make you happy. What I do is get so unhappy with my job that I quit, sometimes quite suddenly, without knowing what I am going to do to support myself. I force this crisis on myself so that I have to transform and find something else to do for a living.
Possible blog readers, this ain't so smart.
Besides almost starving to death and having anxiety attacks, these attempts to transform just don't work, but now I understand myself much better.
And understanding something, like seeking a crisis, is something I want to do.

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