Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sirius The Brightest Star in the Sky

Sirius is the brightest of all stars, brilliant white and yellow in the constellation of the Greater Dog. At -1.46 magnitude, it is given a 5 degree orb because of it's power. It is said to correspond with 12 degrees of Cancer. In ancient times it marked the hottest time of the year, which we still call today the dog days of summer. It makes it's natives custodians and guardians says it's star page. Ptolemy gave this star the nature of Jupiter and Mars. The Mars part of the star causes problems especially if this star is in conjunction with Mars. It can be too strong an influence if on the Ascendant. The dangerous passions of Mars I understand can come from outside of you also, as in someone trying to kill you. That could be considered bad luck I say but Sirius is considered fortunate. It brings passions, resentment, devotion and honor.
In astrology the left side of the chart represents self and the right side represents others. One way to read a chart is to see how many planets are on one side or the other. This is revealing in my case. It is the Moon and my Uranus that comes to the fore, the planets on the right side of my chart, in my dealings with other people. I have an emotional response first of all, and others inspire me.
The brightest of all my stars at the same degree as my natal planets is Bungula or Toliman. It is conjunct my Venus in the 12th house. Now the 12th, 8th and 6th are considered "unfortunate" houses. Venus is the bound lord of every planet in my chart as she rules my impudent Mars and with a more powerful star to boot. According to which tradition of astrology you follow, these houses are very bad or not bad at all though. Venus at 2 degrees away from the Ascendant, is she considered powerfully on the Ascendant or not? That depends on who you ask also.
The 12th represents things that are hidden, all things like artistic talent and sensitivity and all things beautiful are ruled by Venus. This star itself gives friends, musical and artistic abilities. Who would've thunk it? I've friends I've not realized I have until something bad happens to me and I need help and I find I do have friends. My ability to write well doesn't show up when I talk, in fact I stammer and stumble over words. I talk badly in fact. I can write well only when alone, it is a fact that most writers must be alone to create. I express myself badly in public, I find I am misunderstood a lot. I don't dress well, reality doesn't agree with my inner vision. Somehow people think of me in a lot of different ways it seems. I guess it depends on what mood I am in when they meet me. First impressions often seem to be permanent impressions. As the Moon constantly changes so things the moon touches in our charts constantly changes. (My daughters have the Moon in the 2nd house of money, I am terrified their finances will be up and down like the phases of the Moon) I have a Moon in Cancer, the sign the Moon rules and it causes one to have constant shifts in temperment. A bad mood or a good mood either one doesn't last long, and sometimes these moods overlap each other. A Moon in Cancer is extremely sensitive, mine in the 8th house of others means I am sensitive to other people. I feel other's disapproval almost like a force striking me, like a gust of wind. Weird. I can feel other people too darn much. When someone is in the same room as me when I write, I can feel their mood and it influences my writing. Not a good thing, as I want my writing to be pure me and no one else. The Moon rules my chart too.
There are ways that astrology is not true also, for all I write about how it is. For instance the 6th house is supposed to be about our health and illness and I find little about the 6th to be about this. (Much more sure is Saturn, Saturn lames. Mine is in conjunction with my Sun in the 1st, so I guess it is my conscious will that is lamed and to be sure, no one has more problems than me asserting myself or making up my mind) Another astrologer and I cannot remember who, is on the internet saying the same thing. My Taurus in the 6th rules the throat, and my throat is fine so far in my life thank you very much.
Still, so much is eerily true. That so much is true is still amazing.

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