Friday, September 18, 2009

Leo, where we play

It is amusing how you can find the area of life in which people play by looking at their charts. Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house of games and play and love life too. The fifth house is said also to represent our first child. My hubby has Leo ruling his 6th house of work, and he does love to work. My youngest has Leo ruling her 7th house of partners and she does have high times with her love life and also partnering up with her best friend. Mine is in the 9th of higher education and I do like reading books and ideas. I love to think, and maybe that is what Leo ruling the 9th house is, I don't know. My eldest has Leo ruling her 12th house, that house that is so hard to figure out. The 12th is said to represent our subconcious. It is also said to represents institutions like schools and hospitals. My eldest wants to be a teacher. Maybe that explains where she plays is the 12th's tie to any institution. As for the 5th representing your first child, mine is in Aries and I fail to see what that means. One thing I do know is that we have an awful lot of the same points in our charts. Her Saturn is at 26 Sagittarius where my Sun is. Her midheaven is 9 Gemini which is my part of fortune. Her Ascendant is 10 Virgo which is my midheaven. I think this is significant. (Maybe not, 360 degrees and 10 planets, after all) I can't do the math on that one as to the likelihood of sharing the same degrees.
Anyway where Leo is in our charts may be where we are at our happiest, and though we might know that already, isn't it wonderful that the stars can tell us again?

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