Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nodes of the Moon

The nodes of the moon are called the Dragon's Head and the Dragon's Tail. They are mathematical points in space where the Sun's path crosses the Moon's orbit. This brings up reincarnation because it is said the North Node is where we need to grow towards, and the South Node what we already know all about from past lives.
The Moon has some associations I don't understand. The Moon is said to be a lot about memories. The Moon also represents the public, like if your Moon is at the midheaven you will be famous. The Moon is our emotional response. The Moon is how we nuture others. The Moon represents motherhood and the feminine. The more aspects other planets make to the Moon, the more likely you will be famous.
If a planet in your birth chart is in the same degree, the same place as your North Node then this is showing your special ability or talent. Lunar power is flowing through this planet. Transiting nodes hitting a natal planet can magnify that planet in your life. The transiting nodes are telling you where you are going.
There is some tie with relationships with the Nodes of the Moon. It is thought the North Node is important in synastry, or the comparison of romantic partners.
I have North Node in Scorpio and South Node in Taurus. Now this can be considered to be about money, for Taurus is always accumulating things and money. Taurus corresponds to the 2nd house of money. It could also mean in past lives I did everything myself and need to learn to work with other people. Now this is contradictory because my North Node which is telling me to work with others is in the 12th house of doing things alone. I have stars that say I enjoy solitude and a Venus in the 12th also to make sure that I do enjoy being alone. Then Jupiter is in the sign of partnerships, Libra. And then my part of fortune is in the house that corresponds to Libra, the 7th house. My Moon is in the 8th house of how others see me. (The 4th house is how you see yourself) Somebody, call me in a real astrologer!
Okay, so maybe my chart is telling me that no man, (or woman) is an island. We do need other people. I don't know why, but we do.
And yet Taurus is so much more than money and the security they crave and try to satisfy by accumulating money. A Taurus is capable of working so hard for those they love and can sacrifice everything for others. I know Taurus so well, I don't understand Scorpio. Maybe that is the meaning of the Nodes for me, to learn what Scorpio has to give.

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